В коллекции Chopard Happy Hearts расцвели драгоценные цветы

В коллекции Chopard Happy Hearts расцвели драгоценные цветы

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MY HAPPY HEARTS — Malika Louback Part 1 — by Chopard

La Maison Chopard is pleased to present the new My Happy Hearts collection.

A youthful reinvention of a timeless House symbol: the heart. Launched in 2009, the Happy Hearts collection has always incarnated the values of tenderness and affection.

My Happy Hearts creations are jewels for yourself. Treating yourself to a piece of jewellery is a testimony of your respect and love for yourself. And a declaration of independence: giving oneself the means to blossom.

See yourself as you deserve to feel: happy, beautiful, and free. Lovingly embrace all the the things that make you unique like Malika Louback

Discover the collection: chopard.co/MyHappyHearts-YT

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Chopard Happy Hearts ring

Unpacking & unboxing of Chopard Happy Hearts ring
Rose gold and black onyx
Size 52/53

Chopard Happy Hearts

Подвеска Chopard Happy Diamonds Happy Hearts Diamonds 797221-1002

Подвеска Chopard из коллекции Happy Diamonds выполнена из белого золота 750-й пробы и украшена бриллиантами. 30 бриллиантов общим весом 1,22 карата. 3 плавающих бриллианта 0,15 карата. Двойная цепочка длиной 40 см. Вес изделия — 22,07 гр.

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